Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Day two was the first full day of the convention and it was packed full of great activities for all.   This was a day full of presentations, artist interviews, portfolio reviews and painting demos from numerous artists.  I tried my very best to stay at my booth but ended up running around the convention like a hyperactive kid in a candy store. 

 Iain McCaig gave a panel presentation in which he showcased concept art from all the iterations of John Carter of Mars.  Seeing all that incredible concept art was really satisfying.

Matt Stawicki and Stephan Martinere stopped by to share painting and film concept tips
Finally got to meet two of the hosts of Sidebar Nation and Illustrator Jeff Miracola
From left to right - Swain Hunt, JP Targete, Iain McCaig, Armand Baltazar, Dwight Clark and me
TAD Demo
James Gurney's creature painting demo

Two of the demos
from the second day

I managed to stay still long enough to get one convention sketch done.  I'll most likely sculpt and paint this one.

At the end of the second day, a ceremony took place to honor this year’s spectrum award winners.  I got there late because I was starving.  I managed to record some of the presentation.  Here is a few minutes of a live performance from the show.

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