Thursday, March 20, 2014


"Life is a series of choices.  As it turns out, death is the same; not for the ones who are ready, they embrace their fate - move on.  For the rest of us, we linger.  After our survivors pray and throw dirt on our coffins, we're still waiting because for some of us, there's a bigger question: 'What am I now? Where do I go from here?'  We find ourselves in an eternal nowhere between human and thing.. monsters.  Some of these monsters choose to simply accept what they've become.. some don't.  Which leaves us with the most important choice: do you accept what you are or do you refuse? ..Which is the true curse?"  - Aidan Waite

This is a painting I recently completed for a group show at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. "L I L I T H" oil on panel 20"x 26". This is my second time showing my work in a New York City gallery. It was really fun to do and I'm excited to once again show my art among so many strong talents. Opening reception was March 8th and will be on display until April 12th. Special thanks to friends who made it to the opening.The piece got a great response during the reception. It was interesting to see and hear the reactions of the crowd. One patron jokingly said I should have titled the painting "Moist".   

Here's some progress shots and a few pictures from the reception on March 8th.  The progress pics were taken with my phone. I didn't properly chronicle this but if anyone out there is interested in the steps I take you can watch the alien painting video on my website. Process video

I don't like guess work or happy accidents so as usual I sculpted reference before working through the final drawing and painting.

With my drawing transferred to the panel and color/ value studies worked out, I blocked in the background and then started with the legs, working my way up. Saved the chest and face for last.  I usually like to see the whole painting come to life before nailing the face.  Most artists I know work the piece as a whole or start with the face.  When you know what you're doing you can start wherever you want.