Thursday, October 31, 2013


Earlier this year I decided to revisit the design process for the Ender's Game cover I did for Science Fiction Book Club.  Since I still have 3 years worth of concept work I can't show, I wanted to work up something quick that I can. The following is basically a more thought out view of Ender's flash suit I designed for the cover. 

 Ender is basically playing laser tag in zero G. My approach treats the flash suit as more of a child sports uniform with protective padding for collisions with other teams or the battle room walls.  I'm eager to see if this approach was thought of along the concept pipeline for the film.

Since Ender seemed kinda dark and Emo, I revisited what he might look like as an adult in Speaker for the Dead.  Would he keep up with the fashions 3000 years from the events in Ender's Game?  Would he embrace various tribal rituals of those he speaks for (tattoos, piercing etc).  What if he was constantly getting into fights with people who disagreed with how he spoke for the dead. These were fun to do.