Saturday, August 16, 2014


2013 was a very good year for me.  This year is shaping out really well too.  I picked up a few new clients across publishing and advertising and dipped back into game design work.  
One thing I've been terrible at is self promotion and pushing my work at conventions.  I've done a few over the years in between stretches of working staff illustration jobs or being completely buried in freelance concept art work that I never left the house.  I figured " Hey I'm a full time professional artist.  Who cares if people in Prague don't know who I am?"  I think it may have also been a lack of confidence that kept me away from doing more convention art shows.  

So with that said,  I'm happy to announce Upcoming Artist Alley Convention Appearances: 
I'll be at DRAGON CON -AUG 29- SEPT 1. 
And NEW YORK COMIC CON - Oct 9- 12. 
This will be my first time exhibiting at both so I'm nervously excited. Look forward to seeing art friends and meeting new ones.   I plan to do more cons from now on, schedule permitting. I will post floor map info as I get it.