Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I'm happy to share that my art made it into Imagine FX this month!!! Issue 133 is on sale now worldwide. I've always wanted to contribute something to this magazine and they were kind enough to let me share a labor of love with their global audience. Special Thanks to the whole ImagineFX team. If you'd like to see my process for developing maquettes for illustration check it out at your local bookstore. The final painting I built the sculpture for is heavy on social commentary so I wasn't sure they'd want to include it but they gave it the full page spread treatment. Doing this painting meant a lot to me and was my way of personally dealing with the hate and violence that plagues our country. Back to work. New alien sculpts to make!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Science Fiction at its best has always been a form of social commentary.  Precautionary tales and imagery that cover issues such as politics, race, prejudice and inequality.
“Alien Lives Matter”  Is a painting directly inspired by the demand for justice for victims of police violence and the institutional racism which continues to plague the United States.   As an Illustrator of science fiction I ask myself what would it look like if we as humans treated an extra terrestrial the way we treat ourselves?  What might the outcry from a coalition of young multi racial activists look like?  I set out to create a composition which depicts a peaceful protest march through the streets of New York City's Times Square.  Oil on Panel 30"x 40".  Limited Edition Print available here.

Rough concept sketch

Final Drawing