Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I was supposed to update this blog nightly after the events of the day but I knew after the first day that was going to be impossible.  I was having way too much fun and was thoroughly exhausted at the end of each night.  By now there are several beautifully written reviews on fan blogs.  This review is for the artists that didn’t come and the artists that aspire to join the ranks of professional exhibitors in the future. 

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live - Bartle Hall Grand Ballroom
As I stated in an earlier post, I had not done a large art convention in over 10 years so when I set out for Kansas City Missouri on May 17th 2012 it was with two goals.   First was to share my art and love of this genre with anyone who stopped by my booth.  Second, to meet as many of the amazingly talented artists in the room as possible.  I’m thankful to the organizers of the event for creating such a terrific experience and for letting me take part in the inaugural Spectrum Fantastic Art Live.  The opportunity to meet artists I admire, enjoy the camaraderie and interact with fans made the trip worthwhile.

Day one started out with setting up the booth JP Targete and I would share.  I wandered around a bit to see how others were setting up their spaces.   

 Each had a unique way of decorating their 10’x10’ booth and promoting the space.  I was so overwhelmed by everything on the first day that I had a mild anxiety attack.  (Not the breathe into a paper bag kind) more like (let me sit down before I faint and collapse on a small child)

Rockstar Games Art Director, Daren Bader
I had no idea what to expect at first since I'm not a part of the usual crowd of illustrators that attend events like this. A number of artists I met years ago or only knew through forums stopped by the booth to say hello.  Warm greetings from Daren Bader, Ron Lemen, Vanessa Lemen and a few others put me at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed myself after the first few minutes of day one.  Apparently there were more people aware of my work than I originally thought.

Amazing trio of painters - Ron Lemen, Vanessa Lemen & JP Targete.  A nice reunion since their last Massive Black Workshop together.
from left to right - concept artist Denman Rooke, Eric Fortune & concept artist Ryan Yee stop by to strike a pose

Illustrator, Matt Stewart came by to see the painting I did of him
signing copies of old spectrum annuals for a fan
I met Fine Artist Travis Louie for the first time...then found out he only lives 30 min from me back in upstate NY. 
Looking hard for the brushstrokes in a Travis Louie original
The insanely talented work of Thomas Kuebler
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
Day two photos and commentary tomorrow....

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  1. Hi Eric --

    Just wanted to say "thanks" again for all your invaluable advice, etc. I've still got a long way to go on my artistic journey; but if I keep running into individuals as generous as J.P. and yourself I'll get there sooner than later.