Sunday, April 29, 2012


" Six time Mech Racer Champion Matthew Stewart of TEAM VENoM looks over his Mech one last time…  Deciding between payment to take a dive or battling to win it all at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, 2074."   

Awhile ago my friend and award winning fantasy illustrator Matt Stewart painted me for one of his card illustration jobs.  It was a real honor since only a handful of illustrators I know have ever included me in their works.  We agreed to do an art trade so that I could own his original painting.  Soon after working out a sketch for what I was going to do, a number of personal issues prevented me from finishing the final piece.
With life back on track and Spectrum Live fast approaching I wanted to do something fun and hopefully worth the wait.  I look forward to passing this over to him at the convention.  This is my thank you to Matt for being a friendly ear when I was overwhelmed by all that life was throwing at me.  

This painting will be on view and prints available at booth 805 during Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, May 18-20.

Some of the rough sketches and thought process.

I tried my best to make sure the mech design made sense even though you’re only seeing a piece of the whole.  It was important that it not just be abstract shapes that surround the figure, but hint at a functional looking design as well. Bicycle gears and hubcaps taken out of context provided great reference for the Mech’s hip and lower leg joints.  My love of Sport bikes like the Yamaha R1 inspired the rest.  
Here is the painting Matt did of me.  “Echo Mage” from the Rise of the Eldrazi set by Magic the Gathering.   Apparently it's a pretty rare and popular card played all over the world.  That's cool.

To see more of Matt's work visit  Matt Stewart's Blog 


  1. Awesome piece Eric! It's great to see it come together after seeing the initial sketch ideas. I really like how you used lighting in the piece. I cant wait to see it in person in a couple weeks.
    I also like the fact that you put money in my hand:)