Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life Painting at Garin's

(This is basically a follow up to an earlier blog post by James Gurney) Last Saturday I attended an open life painting session at the Home/Studio of friend and mentor Garin Baker.  I’ve been attending these life drawing and painting classes off and on for the past 12 years.  It’s always a great time in a relaxing positive atmosphere.  Often I never know who is going to show up since the Hudson Valley is full of Illustrators and Fine Artists.  This time around we were honored to have James Gurney and Max Ginsburg stop by for the day.  Garin’s atelier offers a number of classes for experienced and novice artists.  Check out more at

My quick gouache study from the day.  When painting a live model sometimes I like doing it in watercolor and gouache rather than oils.   Here are some other pics from the day. Starting with Garin's painting, then Max and  James' Ginsburg study.

just so you get a sense of scale...

Here is a painting Garin did of me back in March 2001.  The model cancelled at the last minute so I volunteered.  He captured a quick likeness just before the rest of my hair fell out.


  1. It was great painting with you, Eric, and I enjoyed the jokes you cracked during the session. Was that you sending down the lightning bolts?

  2. It sure was! Always a pleasure to hang out with you and make some art. Thanks for stopping by my little blog. Look forward to our next outing with Garin and the crew.