Monday, July 25, 2011

Aquanauts process detail # 4 Character close ups and descriptions

The final detail shots of this painting are of the characters.  I made up a fun little back story character description which kept me going as I painted.  From left to right is...

DREQ-Al  - (former) Commander ( full name unpronounceable - name sounds like human sneeze - condensed to Dreq  - Aquatic Alien from planet ( homeworld unpronounceable ) - referred to by star chart binary as PL86 - 75309 ;)   Dreq body has regenerative abilities like Earth Starfish.
Personal Log Quote " rggreregrgryy yyegruiuhjh hzzzzsssss!"  - ( Explicit content - Translation Deleted )
MIGUEL FUENTES New Commanding officer & Aquanaut war vet - Human male - Born Dominican Republic - Earth
Personal Log Quote #2 " It's all fun and games until someone gets blown out an airlock "
There typically isn’t any ethnic diversity in the humans depicted in sci fi fantasy illustration for whatever reason. So here was a chance to add an African American male and Japanese woman to the scene.  Nothing stereotypical or stupid.  I wanted him to have a heroic yet contemplative gaze.  More of a Benjamin Sisko vibe than “Homeboys from Outer Space”.  I felt his complexion and suit color would give a nice color accent and color contrast to what is essentially a blue painting.  Here is a close up of the face.  I’ve really been inspired lately by the work of portrait painters like David Kassan, Simmie Knox and Garin Baker.

SIVA – (former) Chief Medical Officer  - Amphibious Humanoid Female from small moon orbiting former commander’s homeworld. Hates Dreq's species due to a little issue of the enslavement of Siva's race and subsequent genocide of 3/4 her population.  Arrested for multiple assassination attempts on Dreq.
Personal Log Quote " Dreq?  Dreq can suck my left pouchling sac!  If she gets injured on an away mission she's on her own.   Believe that!"
Personal Log Quote #2  “When I find a way to kill something whose organs and limbs grow back…your ass is mine!”

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  1. I won’t pull the trite Rodney King quote out on Siva. She scares me. It says something about the authenticity of your work that I thought the brother here was Hispanic before you formally introduced him.