Friday, July 15, 2011


This is a grand experiment, the first entry of a long overdue blog.  The last few years have been bittersweet.  They have also been the most demanding and rewarding of my career.  I can only hope that the future holds even greater professional challenges.  I’m currently working as lead concept designer of unannounced projects for The Blue Man Group.  In 2010 I also had the honor of working remotely with Richard Taylor’s design and fabrication team at WETA Workshop on designs that didn’t involve middle earth.   BMG has two years worth of my portfolio that I can’t show publicly for at least another year.  So I figured it was time to post some new work in order to remind companies that I exist.    

I would like this blog to be a visual archive of things I’ve done, places I’ve been, works in progress and various images I will show when NDA’s clear.  So I guess without further adieu…Begin Captain’s Blog: Artdate 0715.11


  1. Congratulations on your recent successes, Eric!

    Your dedication to your craft is obvious. I’ve been in awe of your work ever since I saw a sample of it in a copy of Spectrum some years ago, but I’ve wanted to see as much of your work as possible ever since I discovered that you were also a brother with themes on his mind.

    This is all my long-winded way of saying: Bring it!

  2. I saw your Aquanaut on Black Science Fiction Society's website. I'm following up on my request for a t-shirt featuring this wonderful artwork. I also checked your gallery. Wonderful work--love the "Troll Collection." R. Allen