Friday, March 15, 2013

Blue Man Group... Theatrical Costume Designing

Good News Everyone!  Finally a little bit of proof of the work I’ve been doing for blue man group.  I just got permission to show some art since the Monte Carlo show I mentioned 2 years ago is now a live and thriving event on the Las Vegas strip. 

In the summer of 2011 I split my time between designs for Show Creators Inc and prep work for the new Blue Man Group Monte Carlo experience.  The task was to redesign the band costumes for the current vegas show.  This is what they looked like. 

The request was to make something new inspired by Afro-Brazilian tribal, cave painting, and radiating energy type patterns.  It had to be something that read as a character in black light.  Each individual costume design needed to have a similar level of reflective light so that they all have a consistent look on stage.  Symmetry and connecting patterns went a long way toward achieving a stimulating and appealing look.   I came up with over 3 dozen options for the new suits.
Here are some photos of the band in full costume, close ups of the individual pieces and an assortment of pics from the live show.  All photos used with permission of Blue Man Productions 2013.  Stephen Joseph Photography.

Check out the video interview about the new show and some of the insane stuff that was created for it. 

This represents like 1% of the work I’m doing with them.  The bulk of what I do with BMG and Show Creators Inc/ formerly with WETA will hopefully be released before the end of the year.  Until then I’m happy to share my contribution to the new BMG world tour and beyond!!!
me and da boss BMG Founder Chris Wink

Me and my friend Andrew Probert in the BMG rehearsal studio NYC
If someone told me back in college that I would one day get to work with the concept designer from Star Trek TNG and Back to the Future, my head would have exploded!!!



  1. awesome post man and so cool to see some of these works in the light now. Hopefully you can share the rest soon!

  2. Finally!! glad to se some of the stuff is able to be shown. Spectacular work man!